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Shelflife presents the limited CD collection The Lovers Of Their Opposites by Some Gorgeous Accident.

Some Gorgeous Accident took place, well, not in Pinkneys Green. Pehaps say, somewhere near the Pacific. Sometime around 2006 or 2007. Perhaps even before that.

It's difficult to accurately pinpoint the band's inception because its formation in fact, was accidental. That gorgeous happenstance resulted in a cassette EP entitled Winter In Watercolors released by one of Italy's best kept secret tape labels, Best Kept Secret.

Some Gorgeous Accident returned in early 2011 with an online single, "Luminescence" which 4imaginaryboys called "a fine masterpiece of shoegaze-dream pop".

Fast forward to 2017, and they are looking at the band's final release "The Lovers Of Their Opposites" our on CD on Shelflife Records.

Some Gorgeous Accident
The Lovers Of Their Opposites

Release date: December 8, 2017
Catalogue number: LIFE158
Artwork by: Connie Francis

1. Panorama
2. Blush
3. What Comes Around
4. Falling Fast
5. See You Shine
6. Holiday
7. Eve Seth Ann
8. Tough To Chew
9. On A Clear Day
10. Heaven Sent
11. Outside
12. Luminescence
13. Amihan I
14. Winter Eve Lullaby [Alternate Mix]
Cover art hi-res