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Originating from the Norwegian west coast city of Bergen, the aspiring duo Love Dance, comprised of Kristopher Straus and Eirik Vestrheim, return to the fray with their cheeky and sincere pop music on April 28th.

Their new single "All The Time" is a drum machine driven track that combines a rough Nordic sound with uplifting melodies and genuine expressions of mixed feelings to create a highly addictive five minute pop song. Ambiguous in its emotions, euphoric in its expression, "All The Time" is the first single taken from their upcoming album coming later this year.

Praise for Love Dance:

"The programmed beats are crisp, the synths appropriately woozy and Straus' voice is filled with regret and missed opportunities. To top it all off, there's a heavenly outro featuring a choir of child-like voices which lifts "All The Time" away from being a simple retro pastiche and iinto the realms of brilliance."
- The Line Of Best Fit

Love Dance
All The Time

Release date: April 28, 2017
Catalogue number: LIFE152
Pressing: digital only
Artwork by: Love Dance

1. All The Time
Cover art hi-res