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Shelflife and Opposite Number are thrilled to be releasing Dream About You, the new 7" from The Fireworks. This three-song single is the follow-up to the Black and Blue EP, released this past summer. Dream About You is out April 21st on limited 7" vinyl and digital formats.

The Black and Blue EP's four songs marked the most rocking we had heard The Fireworks, yet still kept the catchy melodies and pop mastery we'd come to expect from them. Now, as a new year and a new release are upon us, The Fireworks have added new singer Beth Arzy to the group, following Emma Hall's departure late last year. Beth, who one might recognize from the fantastic Trembling Blue Stars and Shelflife's own The Luxembourg Signal, blends great melodic sensibility with a cool, nonchalant edge. And, in a heartwarming and ear-pleasing combination, Hall still contributes backing vocals to the 7"-a nice sendoff as the band enters into a new chapter of their existence.

The Dream About You 7", much like the Switch Me OnLP, was recorded and produced by David Holmes (recently worked on Unloved's "Guilty Of Love") at Soup Studios. The single comes and goes in a whirlwind of big choruses, irresistible melodies and a healthy dose of fuzzed-out guitar. Fans old and new of The Fireworks will be happy to hear that the band's energy is as electric as ever, and they manage to pack quite a punch in only three songs. "We've Been Wasting Time" is a noisy, Jesus and Mary Chain-indebted earworm that refuses to be listened to passively. The title track's grabbing harmonies and "Better Without You Now"'s jangly, crisp guitars showcase the band in top form, and once these three songs are over you'll only want to flip the record again. The band's name seems to almost hint at the fact that the songs are here and gone in the blink of an eye; bursts of beauty that are just as ephemeral as they are powerful.

Praise for The Fireworks:

"...absolutely knocks your socks off"
- Please Rain Fall

"Immediate, a rush, a whirl, a firecracker, POP!"
- A Fog of Ideas

"The contenders for song of the year keep on coming"
- Records I Like

"Thank fuck for The Fireworks."
- Brill Dream

"Instant pop melodies infused on feedback, soaked in reverb. Vocal harmonies assaulting walls of noise. The Pastels backed up by My Bloody Valentine. A noisy indiepop feast."
- Bloodbuzzed

"Pop melodies, boy-girl vocals, guitar fuzz and feedback..."
- When You Motor Away
The Fireworks
Dream About You

European fans: order on vinyl from Opposite Number
Release date: April 21, 2017
Catalogue number: LIFE147
Artwork by: Andy Hart

1. Dream About You
2. Better Without You Now
3. We've Been Wasting Time
Cover art hi-res