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Shelflife presents the debut album from Palms On Fire entitled Where Are The Grey Clouds Going? on digital format on January 26.

Palms On Fire are Anna Kislova, Max Kislov, Konstantin Korolev, and Kishan Balaji, and hail from Izhevsk in Russia. They have been releasing singles and EPs since 2009, previously on both Holiday and Dufflecoat Records, but we're excited to be able to work with them on their debut album.

Last year the band moved to India for a year and while they did not have any plans to work on an album, they ended up finding a drummer and started on what has become the ten songs on Where Are The Grey Clouds Going?. Around the same time, they were invited to play the NYC Popfest, but unfortunately they didn't receive their visas in time. So instead, they played a few concerts in India and went back home to Russia to record the album. They decided to take a completely new approach and work at a studio instead of producing the songs at home, as they did with their earlier recordings. The ten songs on the album are layered with jangly rhythms and gently playful vocals, sweet and sensible, but below the surface lies an erie multi-layered edge -- haunting at times. Palms On Fire paints an almost-pastoral scene of classic indie pop, reminiscent of Shelflife's own Garlands and Shermans.

For fans of: The Garlands, The Shermans, Talulah Gosh, Free Loan Investments, Seapony, Alvvays

Palms On Fire
Where Are The Grey Clouds Going?

Release date: January 26, 2016
Catalogue number: LIFE140
Pressing: digital
Artwork by: Palms On Fire

1. Sword And Shield
2. Sun Creatures
3. Rebels Heart
4. Perfumed Boy
5. Balconies
6. Cars
7. Miracle
8. Life Is Not A Chase
9. Golden Kid
10. Where Are The Grey Clouds Going?
Cover art hi-res