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Shelflife presents a special CD release on May 12 from Melbourne shoegaze/psych outfit Flyying Colours that includes both their new ROYGBIV 5-track EP as well as the band's first 5-track self-titled EP.

Hailing from a country more synonymous with the beachcombers and the sunshine coast than shoegaze luminaries, Flyying Colours have nonetheless been compared to Lush and Ride, weaving smooth, tactile vocals with coarse textures with finely-crafted songwriting.

True to their name, Flyying Colours unashamedly display their influences in this debut: tone bending MBV/Swervedriver guitars, Ride's bass hooks and the familiar soft hush of early 90s male/female vocals. Add to that their own edgy, refreshing pop-mindedness and it makes for five completely brilliant tracks.

EP1 includes pile-driving single "Wavygravy", a layered noise anthem jumped on by national radio and the international shoegaze blogosphere on its Oz release last April. Other stand out tracks are psych-rock opener "Like You Said", "Feathers" with its chorus-y jangle and lush vocals and the cool-down of closing track "Bugs."

EP2 features the new single "Running Late" where guitars overlap, playing seemingly different melodies and rhythms, as the vocals float up from the ether of the background. Hearkening back to the 80s but also at once sounding thoroughly futuristic, there's finely-textured guitar loops and lo-fi delay used to get effect throughout the record. "Not Today" and "Leaks" share the same considerable style and skill: successfully channelling not just Kevin Shield's growling, bending, wall-of-sound guitars, but also Bilinda Butcher's cooing, unintelligible vocals. The album opener "I Don't Want To Let You Down" sports a rolling darkwave groove that's like Joy Division gone psychedelic.

Formed in 2011, Flyying Colours self-titled EP received a considerable amount of attention, which was then backed up by their explosive live shows, setting them well apart from others occupying Melbourne's fledgling shoegaze scene. A follow-up, ROYGBIV is a snapshot of a band reaching for the heavens and finding themselves reflected in at all over the cosmos: a sign of greater things to come.

For fans of: Ride, Teenage Fanclub, Swervedriver, Dinosaur Jr., My Bloody Valentine, Pale Saints, The Lilys

Praise for Flyying Colours:

"a heady balm of smeared guitar textures and sharp pop sensibilities"
- Stereogum

"With pop colors and melancholic strife, Flyying Colours unleash the sort of sonic fuzz that paint one's youth."
- The Wild Magazine

"there's something classic and undeniably endearing about the music too, slightly wobbly, pop-fuelled, noise-sprinkled, and sweet-smelling as it is."
- The 405

"Forces combined, it creates a comforting blanket 1990s dream fuzz."
- Under The Radar

"the big bright pop lights shining brighter than ever before"
- Impose

"blistering from start to finish. Kevin Shields-inspired shadows linger, while there are definitely traces of Swervedriver in that rock assault."
- Clash

"Chances are this tune from Flyying Colours is going to make a fan out of you! Presumptuous sure, but these guys are belting out a noise that instantly pricks peoples ears up"
- Sounds Better With Reverb

"Melbourne has a solid lineup of bands with an ear to early 90s shoegaze, and in an increasingly crowded sub-genre Flyying Colours differentiate themselves with an important feature- they know exactly what they're doing."
- Tonedeaf

"Flyying Colours are making Australia start to look like the new mecca for those in love with guitar drenched psychedelic pleasures."
- Finest Kiss

"There's clear traces of a lot of the originators of the genre in here, and they deliver it with class. High quality shoegaze!"
- Sly Vinyl

"This ain't no background music kids, this is the kind of EP that you need to take lying down and allow yourself to get lost in."

"It sounds big and it sounds good, like it was recorded with a cliff-face of amps in an abandoned wind tunnel"

"It's hard not to crush on the extensive, encircling sounds of Melbourne's Flyying Colours"

Flyying Colours

Release date: May 12, 2015
Catalogue number: LIFE127
Pressing: CD in digipak
Artwork by: Thomas Russell

1. Like You Said
2. Wavygravy
3. She Leaves
4. Feathers
5. Bugs
6. I Don't Want To Let You Down
7. Running Late
8. Not Today
9. In The End
10. Leaks
One-sheet pdf
Cover art hi-res