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Shelflife's first release of 2014 comes from Austin's She Sir with their highly anticipated debut LP Go Guitars. The album will be released February 25th on limited edition LP, CD and digital formats. The first 100 copies of the LP will be available on electric blue vinyl, exclusively sold on LP copies include mp3 download.

She Sir is Russell Karloff (vocals, guitar, bass), Matthew Grusha (vocals, bass, guitar), Jeremy Cantrell (guitar) and David Nathan (drums). Russell and Matthew met in college as music composition students and quickly put their collective knowledge of classical music theory and orchestration to use -- breathing new life into the normally guitar-driven dreampop genre. She Sir produced an EP and a 7" that have been included on such dubious lists as "Best of the 2000's decade," "Best of the year," "Best out of Austin, Texas," and many others. In 2010, Japanese label Happy Prince released a compilation of all their previous recordings to date gaining the band international recognition. With each new release, She Sir have been evolving to create their own unique brand of "shimmer-pop" -- a term coined by the Austin Chronicle to describe the band's sound.

Go Guitars was recorded, mixed and mastered by Erik Wofford at Cacophony. The ten tracks cover the vast overlap between My Bloody Valentine's guitar experimentations, Fleetwood Mac's soulful rhythm & bass, and Phil Spector's skewed, wall-of-sound arrangements. The record also draws inspiration from 80s pop heroes The Go-Betweens, Pylon, and Felt. Motivated by the appetite for reinvention, She Sir have established a sound that is both modernistic and illuminating, yet faithful to the spirit of decades past. Surpassing their early shoegaze roots, they are taking their songwriting to ambitious new heights throughout the album. Edgy phrasing, driving rhythms, and multi-textured guitars, along with plenty of lush reverb-soaked pop sensibilities, make up the She Sir aesthetic. Like their partially imagined song titles, She Sir blur the lines of the familiar to create an impressionistic, contemporary sound, that transcends any direct comparisons to other groups present or past.

She Sir alumni include ex-players with John Vanderslice, The Mountain Goats, Ringo Deathstarr, For Those Who Know, The Envy Corps, Splinter, and The Hallelujah Crowd.

For fans of: Real Estate, Pale Saints, Violens, The Chills, Mojave 3, Ride, Felt

limited color vinyl


February 2014 - Go Guitars CD/LP/digital [Shelflife Records]
July 2012 - You Could Be Tiger digital-only single [s/r]
July 2010 - Ev'ry Thing In Paris CD, Japanese compilation [Happy Prince Records]
January 2010 - Yens EP, 7" vinyl [s/r]
September 2006 - Who Can't Say Yes CDEP [s/r]
Praise for She Sir:

"She Sir is devoted to the cult of the song, fervently, almost spiritually, calibrating and exploring tones, drum patterns and complex academic harmonies in order to perfectly realize their psychedelic mini-suites. This band, like their hero Brian Wilson, exudes the prodigal coolness of a visionary lost in a room full of instruments, in search of some greater truth."
- Edward Charlton, Clicky Clicky Music

"Shimmer-pop breakdown."
- The Austin Chronicle

"Thoughtful, thundering-yet-unassuming, an at-first cacophonous tune which yields beauty through listener focus, like a musical Magic Eye puzzle."
- Austin-American Statesman / Austin 360

"You can't come across music that gets much better than She Sir. It's a combination of warmth, pop, and effortless beauty."
- Austin Town Hall

She Sir
Go Guitars

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Release date: February 25, 2014
Catalogue number: LIFE105
Pressing: electric blue vinyl (100 copies) and black vinyl (150 copies).
Artwork by: Russell Karloff

1. Portese
2. Kissing Can Wait
3. Bitter Bazaar
4. Warmwimming
5. Mania Mantle
6. Winter Skirt
7. Snakedom
8. He's Not a Lawyer, It's Not a Company
9. Condensedindents
10. Continually Meeting on the Sidewalk of My Door
One-sheet pdf
Cover art hi-res

she sir