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Shelflife presents the debut four-track 7" EP from The Fireworks coming March 19th 2013.

The band began in secret in 2011 when Matthew would sing some of his songs over the phone lines to his friends. Over time they convinced him to start a real group so everyone could hear them. Close friends Emma (Pocketbooks), Isabel (Things In Herds), and Shaun (The Popguns, The Wedding Present) were finally drafted in and The Fireworks began in a burst of noise, snap, crackle and P!O!P!

They immediately started playing gigs -- Indietracks, Indiepop Days Berlin and the Nottingham Indiepop Alldayer, and recorded a session for Dandelion Radio. In 2012 they began recording the "The Fireworks" EP, featuring the tracks "Higher and Higher," "All The Things That You Said," "Surprise Me," and "One Way Traffic."

As for their sound, they're best described as "a magnificent breathtaking display of coruscating, incandescent POP!" Simple catchy songs with blistering qualls of feedback, sharp chiming guitars, rambunctious drums and bass, and Matthew and Emma's perfectly matched vocals. They feel like a group that was always meant to be, holding the sonic qualities of the past, but very much in the now and completely true to themselves. A beacon of hope in the saturated sea of "copycat" noise pop groups. They uphold the values from those special records from 1984-86, when bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Shop Assistants, My Bloody Valentine, and Razorcuts changed our lives forever. Now The Fireworks are ready to change yours!

For fans of: Razorcuts, Henry's Dress, The Shop Assistants, The Pastels, 'Paint A Rainbow' era My Bloody Valentine, The Field Mice, The Flatmates, The Frenchmen

Praise for The Fireworks:

"Instant pop melodies infused on feedback, soaked in reverb. Vocal harmonies assaulting walls of noise. The Pastels backed up by My Bloody Valentine. A noisy indiepop feast."
- Bloodbuzzed

"We need more of this urgent kind of pop music in our lives. We need more songs that end with the sound of cats scrapping. We need more of The Fireworks."
- A Layer of Chips

"A magnificent breathtaking display of corruscating, incandescent POP!"
- A Fog of Ideas

The Fireworks
The Fireworks EP

Release date: March 19, 2013
Catalogue number: LIFE099
Pressing: 7" vinyl, 300 copies
Artwork by: Andy Hart

1. Higher and Higher
2. All The Things That You Said
3. Surprise Me
4. One Way Traffic
One-sheet pdf
Cover art hi-res