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The Garlands make their Shelflife debut with the new brand new self-titled album out November 27th, 2012.

Roger Gunnarsson (Nixon, Cloetta Paris, and Shelflife alumni Free Loan Investments) formed the group with Christin Wolderth as an bedroom recording project back in 2007. They released numerous tracks together in this format on Cloudberry, Cosy, and Atomic Beat Records. In 2010, the project took to the stage with a live line-up adding friends Einar Ekstroem (Electric Guitar), Patrik Lindgren (Electric Guitar), Maria Grum (Bass Guitar) and Robert Klaesson (Drums). They also released a 7" single "You'll Never Notice Me" on UK label Big Pink Cake. The success of the live line-up prompted recording the entire album together in the studio with Roger taking on a more Brian Wilson-esque role as co-writer/producer with Christin.

The result is pure, breathtaking indie pop perfection from beginning to end! Jangly guitar hooks, head-bobbing rhythms, lovely vocal harmonies -- it's all here! A melting pot of late 80s UK female-fronted guitar pop, celebrating their influences without ever sounding trivial or unoriginal. They are truly masters of the two minute pop song, with only one track ever going past the three minute mark. This has allowed for a special album pressing entirely at 45 rpm.

The Garlands are currently booking shows in 2013 and have played a number of times in the UK, including the Indietracks festival, and throughout Europe as part of the Madrid and Limoges Popfest line-ups.

The Garlands album is available on limited edition vinyl, CD and digital formats.

For fans of: Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Go Sailor, Free Loan Investments, Fat Tulips, The Rosehips

limited edition purple vinyl

Praise for The Garlands:

"near-perfect pop"
- Under The Radar

"...sad songs with sunny guitars. That's how The Garlands grabbed my heart and that's why they still have it. Melodies will take you places, but words will keep you there."
- Skatterbrain

"Christin Wolderth is a coloratura Isobel Cambell with less world-weariness and more purity in the upper range."
- Coke Machine Glow

The Garlands
The Garlands

Release date:
first pressing: November 27, 2012
second pressing: July 2, 2013
Catalogue number: LIFE091
first pressing: purple vinyl (100 copies) and black vinyl (150 copies).
second pressing: milky clear vinyl (250 copies)
Artwork by: Johann Höglund

1. Forevermore
2. Don't Cry
3. Throw Away This Day
4. David
5. Chandeliers
6. Weakness Is Your Pose
7. Tell Me
8. Things Just Sound So Easy For You
9. Open Arms (mp3)
10. Why Did I Trust You
11. Why I Don't Say Goodbye
12. Your Words
One-sheet pdf
Cover art hi-res