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Once again Bart Cummings assembles his international supergroup with the new Bart and Friends EP It's Not the Words That You Say available August 21 on Shelflife.

Founding member of the legendary Cat's Miaow, Bart has spent the past two decades jangling our heart strings. Now he returns to the scene with his cast of indie pop ambassadors from around the globe including Pam Berry (Black Tambourine, The Pines, The Castaway Stones, etc), Scott Stevens (Summer Cats, The Earthmen), Mark Monnone (The Lucksmiths), Louis Richter (Mid State Orange, The Lucksmiths), and Jeremy Cole (The Zebras).

Those familiar with previous Bart and Friends releases may be surprised by It's Not the Words That You Say. Bart and Pam have handed the microphone over to Scott who takes the lead on all six tracks. It's also the group's most polished effort to date, but they haven't forgotten their DIY indie pop roots. The EP is harmony-rich with a laid back feel pulling influences from mid '60s groups like The Byrds and The Zombies as well as current classic pop records like Holiday's Ready, Steady, Go! As you listen you really get a sense that these great musical minds are all clicking together in unison.

2012 is an especially great year because we get not one, but two fantastic offerings from the band. In June they released a sister EP There May Come A Time on Matineé Recordings.

For fans of: Holiday, The Hang Ups, The Summer Cats, The Cat's Miaow

Praise for Bart and Friends:

"...melancholy and hope in equal measure, with jangly guitars, endearing melodies, perfect harmonies and, on this EP, Scott Stevens' lead vocals" - When You Motor Away...

"...jangly guitar pop tunes, soaked to the skin in twinkly melodies and velvety harmonies." - Sounds XP

"this is the motherload for guitar pop fans." - When You Motor Away

"the best pop you're going to hear around the globe." - Austin Town Hall

Bart and Friends
It's Not the Words That You Say

Release date: August 21, 2012
Catalogue number: LIFE089
Artwork by: Matthew Edwards

1. Everything Goes Quiet in the End
2. Hierarchy of Sorrows
3. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
4. I Was (mp3)
5. See You One More Time
6. I'm Sure We Haven't Met Before
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Cover art hi-res