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The Hobbes Fanclub make their 7" vinyl debut with Your Doubting Heart out August 7th on Shelflife. The band hails from Bradford, England and was started in 2008 by singer/guitarist Leon Carroll. After releasing two split cdr singles on Cloudberry and Dufflecoat Records, Leon was joined by Louise and Adam to fill in the rhythm section on bass and drums respectively. Together they share their love for distortion pedals and reverb and play energetic pure pop songs. There is a bit of an early 90s attitude about them that feels so needed right now in 2012. Fans of Boyracer and The Ropers should take note.

"Your Doubting Heart" packs a feedback punch in the face, hitting you with the perfect amount of distortion and melody. Velocity Girl-esque strummy guitars just make this one of the catchiest songs we've heard all summer. The B-side "The One You Love" is an excellent driving pop song that could have easily been an A-side on it's own.

The band is touring extensively this summer in the UK, playing Indietracks and other festivals.

For fans of: Boyracer, Teenage Fanclub, The Bats, The Ropers, The Summer Suns


The Hobbes Fanclub are Adam Theakston, Louise Phelan and Leon Carroll from Bradford, England. The band began as a solo project of Leon's in late 2008,and for a while became a translatlantic collaboration with Fabiana Karpinski from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Despite never actually meeting in person, the wonders of modern technology meant that the two of them subsequently released two split singles, first in June 2010 with Young Michelin on Cloudberry Records then in February 2011 they released a further split with Leach Me Lemonade, the first release on Dufflecoat Records. In May 2011 Fabiana left the band, and Leon was joined by fellow Bradfordians Louise on bass and Adam on drums making up a noisy three piece. A debut gig in Bradford in November 2011 was quickly followed by a well received appearance at Glasgow Popfest a few weeks later. Since then the band have played at the 100 Club in London's Oxford Street as part of London Popfest, and will be playing a number of live dates through summer 2012 including Indietracks in July.
Praise for The Hobbes Fanclub:

"Your Doubting Heart" is a playful burst of fuzz pop aimed directly at the head and heart."
- Under The Radar

"The Hobbes Fanclub is the real deal, the perfect single; two short bursts of spine-tingling brilliance that make you want to either go and smash a bankers' windows in, or lie in the grass looking at the sky and dreaming of what you really want. These things can be done in either order - just make sure you're listening to these two songs whilst you're doing them."
- A Layer of Chips

"Your Doubting Heart" grabs us that same way, a tale of distrust and mistrust that mixes simmering, iridescent guitars with free-roaming and high-in-mix bass, satisfyingly clattering drums and Racer-esque female backing vocals."
- In Love With These Times, In Spite of These Times

The Hobbes Fanclub
Your Doubting Heart

Release date: August 7, 2012
Catalogue number: LIFE087
Pressing: 7" vinyl, 300 copies
Artwork by: Matthew Edwards

1. Your Doubting Heart
2. The One You Love
One-sheet pdf
Cover art hi-res