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"...anybody could tell, they didn't belong - belong to the early summer sun, the cool Whitsun wind off the sea, the holiday crowd."
Graham Greene- Brighton Rock, 1938.

Lie back, you're about to take a holiday. With style, wit and mellifluousness, The Holiday Crowd give proper nods to the once hallowed rock'n'roll ideals of cool aesthetic and jangly melodies. Lead singer Imran Haniff, first met of the band's guitarist Colin Bowers in high school in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough. Haniff was impressed with the Stone Roses t-shirt Bowers was wearing and that very day they developed a strong bonding friendship and songwriting partnership. The addition of old friend David Barnes on drums and newcomer Alex Roberts on bass guitar completed the band.

Self described as minimal and stripped-down, The Holiday Crowd's sound and lyrics arise from all manner of experience- summer afternoon camaraderie's, introspective reveries and a few shapely 'inspirations' along the way. From their haircuts to their shoes and with a nonchalant but forceful attitude, the band truly 'send' the listener to that place in the sun.

"Over The Bluffs" is a co-release with New Romantic.

For fans of: Felt, The Bodines, The Smiths, Hurrah!, Prefab Sprout, Mighty Mighty, The Brilliant Corners

Praise for The Holiday Crowd:

"Nostalgic nuances aside, it's a joy to listen to as we take some mini vacays in time, space, and swimsuit silhouettes."
- Plaid Magazine

"surging and pulsating summer-shine sound"
- Heroes of Indie Music

"Over The Bluffs is perfect and so essential you should sacrifice eating so you can buy it!"
- The POP! Stereo

"genuinely admirable and seriously good guitar pop"
- Skatterbrain

The Holiday Crowd
Over The Bluffs

Order 12" from Saki or New Romantic.
Release date: January 24, 2012
Catalogue number: LIFE081
Pressing: limited edition 12": 500 copies
Artwork by: Colin Bowers & Clint Rogerson

1. Never Speak Of It Again (mp3)
2. Tiresome
3. While She Waits
4. Painted Like A Forest
5. A Tender Age
6. Pennies Found
7. In My Arms
One-sheet pdf
Cover art hi-res