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"Two Rings" is the debut release of Brooklyn's Ice Choir. Written and produced by Kurt Feldman and mixed by Jorge Elbrecht (Violens), this is the first single from their as-yet-untitled debut album, due out in 2012.

"Somewhere, amongst abstract romantic lyricism and pointilized synthesizer pastiche, the ICE CHOIR proposes to you, the listener, a most unfavorable "pop" experience: imaginative songcraft minus the cool factor. Leaning heavily on the crumbling pillars of 1980's technopop production aesthetic, this is music that is both distinctly modern in composition and cripplingly esoteric. Waylaying melodies to mislead and seduce. Sentiments both saccharine and surreal. Formless constructs playing you out of THAT weird dream and into your cold reality."

When The Depreciation Guild announced their amicable dissolution late last year, there may have been a feeling that DG's songwriter, Kurt Feldman, was quitting to concentrate on playing with The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, his "other" band. Instead, the Ice Choir represents a new beginning, a new sonic palette, and a new musical universe for Kurt Feldman.

Over 5 years and two critically acclaimed albums (2007's In Her Gentle Jaws and 2010's Spirit Youth), The Depreciation Guild demonstrated the unexpectedly rich possibilities of incorporating chiptune elements into classic shoegaze. Now, the Ice Choir mines similarly incongruous sources: marrying the less fashionable elements of 80s synthpop production (Gangway, Yello, Kissing The Pink) to Romanticist lyrical influences, without ever compromising Feldman's fundamental commitment to intelligent and compelling pop music.

"Two Rings" is a co-release with Yesboyicecream Records in the UK.

For fans of: The Depreciation Guild, Scritti Politti, Gangway, The Lotus Eaters, Eyeless In Gaza

Ice Choir
Two Rings 7"

Release date: November 15, 2011
Catalogue number: LIFE079
Pressing: 500 copies
Artwork by: Alejandro Cardenas

1. Two Rings (mp3)
2. The Ice Choir
One-sheet pdf
Cover art hi-res