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Churchbuilder "Microdancer"
Churchbuilder's second release on Shelflife, "Microdancer", is sure to please anyone who loves smart synth pop with upbeat female harmonies. A follow-up to their debut album "Patty Darling," their new cdep was recorded entirely in their new home studio and showcases a new maturity. Still the pride and joy of the band, Churchbuilder's synths/keyboards/moogs are influenced this time around by late 70's pop culture and electro-funk.

Although "Microdancer" is only four songs long, it runs the gamut from the dance hit "Microdancer" to the introspective, almost Brittle Stars-like "Snow In April." On this release, less guitar is used than on the preceding album, with more emphasis on the band's signature synth sound. Using the same carefree Churchbuilder lyrics, including "Spanish Song" (sung entirely in Spanish!), you'll be addicted to these songs all summer long!

1. Microdancer
2. Spanish Song
3. New Critics
4. Snow In April

"Microdancer" MP3