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Shelflife Records is a Portland and San Francisco based record label run by Ed Mazzucco and Matthew Bice and has produced such bands as Thieves Like Us, The Radio Dept., Burning Hearts, Days, and The Ruling Class.
Shelflife traces its 1995 origins to a bedroom in a southern California suburb, where it began in conjunction with a mail order and distribution service. A fan of 80's britpop and inspired by labels such as Factory and Sarah Records, Ed launched the label as a way to expose foreign indie pop groups to US audiences. Shelflife's first release was the August 1996 compilation Whirl-Wheels which included tracks by Club 8, Boyracer, La Buena Vida, and Ed's own band The Autocollants.
In 1997 the mail order and distribution service were discontinued in order to devote more time to the growing roster of artists, a move that quickly propelled the label out of its hobby status. During the late 90's Shelflife steadily gained recognition as twee pop and indie music became increasingly popular. From 1998 until 2001 the label hosted The September Set, an annual showcase of live pop music from bands on Shelflife and other labels.
In 2007 Ed and Matthew Bice relaunched the label with a new focus on blending art with music and a commitment to making every release worth collecting. With this came the launch of a new format, the 1000 series; a CD and a 7" vinyl single are housed together in a limited edition gate-fold sleeve designed by an up-and-coming artist and packaged with free download of all mp3s at an ultra-high 320 kbps.
"Breathing new life into a dying medium by giving fans incentive to actually go out and purchase the physical album... Shelflife Records is a perfect example of what a record label should be: Exposing new artists, caring about the fans and continually showing passion for the genre we love, ensuring their own shelf life will indeed, last well past it's due date."
- The Panic Manual
"Honorable mention: the 1000 series from Shelflife Records. They manufacture great 7"-singles, a bonus CD and free MP3-downloads of all these songs, and packed them in stylish wrappings... a perfect addition to every music-collectors shelf."
- Music of the Moment
Series 1000 Press Release
June, 2007 - After a 3 year hiatus the legendary Shelflife Records is back!
Ed Mazzucco (founder) and new partner Matthew Bice proudly announce the relaunch of Shelflife Records. Shelflife returns with a taste for life, a lineup of great new artists, and a renewed dedication to its original purpose: uncovering the sound of the best independent music from around the world.
To meet the challenge of making each release truly exceptional, Mazzucco and Bice have created a new format that artfully blends music and design. Each release will feature exclusive tracks in a limited edition, collectable package designed by various up-and-coming artists.
The collection is introduced with series of albums that include both a CD and a 7" single housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve. These instant collectables will have a limited press of 300 copies and will be sold exclusively at the label's online store and a few select shops.
Oh yes, Shelflife is back and better than ever!

Co-Founder/A&R: Ed
ed (at)
Co-Founder/PR: Matthew B.
matthew (at)
Designer: Matthew E.
matthew.edwards (at)
Audio and Production: Jon
jon (at)
Intern: Ben
ben (at)
Distribution: MVD Entertainment
Shelflife is really busy at the moment, so we do not have time to reply individually to each submission. If you would still like to send in your work, we're always keen to listen.

Shelflife Records
PO Box 82141
Portland, OR 97282 USA

If you are interested in being a part-time intern at Shelflife (must be in the Portland, OR area), please e-mail us for availablity. Note: this in an unpaid position.

Current: Ben
Previous Interns: Kate (2008-2014), Natan (2008), Jermey (2006), Elaine (2005), Gav & Maria (2004), Cynthia (2003), Ryan & Tony (2002), Jenn (2002), Denise (2002), Chuck (2001), Cory (2000)